Saturday, October 6, 2012

Welcome to The Random Room

"So what is the random room?" you might ask. Well, for starts, it's not this blog. This blog is just my attempt at a semblance of conviviality, a public canvas for the mind. The randomness itself comes from an internal space where I store random and curious things encountered in daily life.

I like to picture it as an egg shaped room with a round door in the side. Inside is a space illuminated by what I call "the middle color" (it's more fun if use your imagination on what that is). It's a vast inner space where things just float around in circles.  Over time, they attract and collect to form basis for creative output or inspirational moments.  When I sense the moment is right, I enter this room and start pulling things out of the air. I try to maintain movement, never pausing too long to linger on any one thing until a compendium of things have been gathered, begin to take shape and lead me in a direction that has a sense of substance.

This is my creative process. Each time I enter that space, I hope to leave with some sort of substantial satisfaction of stillness, or the promise of sleep hanging lightly upon my eyelids, or with a dim smile illumined in my lips.

And so, this is the canvas of hope and trust where thoughts are expressed within immobile moments, like painted lakes dabbed with blue and gray, reflecting campfires of white and orange, flickering distantly in the reaches of our imaginations and in the mirages of still thought while the world rages on outside this brief eddy of time, captured and created by the very speed of life that it considers.

There is no primary theme for this blog; after all, it is called The Random Room.  I hope you enjoy!


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